Pleated shade

Pleated shades are either custom shop fabrications or internet sales of the most common window dimensions.

There are currently no consistent thermal performance standards for pleated shades. This website lists manufacturers offering a 10-year or more warranty on their products.

Installation of pleated shades are accomplished by either DIY or retailer installation.

NOTE: All corded window covering products sold or manufactured in the US must comply with the new ANSI/WCMA Standard, A100.1-2012 “American National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products.” Be sure to only purchase products that are labeled as complying with this standard.

If you have existing corded products that do not comply, free retrofit device kits are available through the Window Covering Safety Council.


Alpahabetical List of Qualifying Manufacturers:

- Graber Window Treatments

Representative Trade Association:

- Window Covering Manufacturers Assocation (WCMA)